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welcome to bitke


BITKE is a 5×5 paintball tactical FPS, while we are building it, you can enjoy all features in advance in our playground, The playground is constantly updated so that new in-game content and Cardano NFTs are accepted within our platform.

BITKE’s playground was made so that you can use your NFTs to the fullest, be it to drive, fly, compete in small circuits, and even have your Ada Handles as nicknames!

Our partners

alpha launch information

Alpha's total supply will have 2000 NFTs divided into two characters
The two starting characters are Zonnie and Hanna, new characters will be released in the future
With only 100, Alpha Passes will unlock all upcoming cosmetics and characters! Plus small playground perks

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for collectors and gamers

bitke alpha pass

The Alpha Pass is a special entry ticket to Bitke Playground, with which you have access to all current and future characters, as well as unlocking skins, able to mint our drops in advance.
And it’s
compete & collect

explore our playground features and earn prizes


register your account

Creating a user will give you access to link your wallet and connect to the game later

connect your wallet

You’ll be asked to connect a wallet, with this sync we will be able to read our nfts, only that!

get a bitke nft

To enter the game you need to to mint a Character in our launch or an have a Alpha Pass.

download and login

Download our dApp and connect using the user you created, select your handle and have fun!

frequently asked questions

BITKE is a competitive FPS game in a 5×5 mode being developed by our team, while we keep pushing code base and new content, you can see it all having fun and testing stuff in our playground

NOW! Bitke servers are running up for a year now. To log in you need to download our latest version of the game and hold a BITKE NFT inside your account wallet. Login, select your AdaHandle for a nickname and have fun! Talk to your NFTs founders.

Yes, BITKE is an installable game and to play you need to download and extract the game, we’re soon porting it to a launcher with a secure auto update so you don’t need to keep downloading new versions of the game manually.

BITKE is not a play-to-earn game, we believe that adoption and a way to bring outsiders to our chain are just providing a fun game where you can control your assets, here you can play and compete with friends without rushing coin farming.

As a competitive game, we intend to create new types of rewards for players as new releases are made, you can win prizes in ADA and NFTs in our Championships and events.

No, for now, BITKE is only playable in a Windows computer.

Yes! Each character has a unique and limited supply and an exclusive policy ID, for the launch, only 1000 NFTs of each 2 starter characters will be released.
In the future new characters can have 50, 100, 1k, or another small limited supply. We will always find a way to not limit player entrance and make BITKE an affordable game, each small character reveal is planned to keep funding BITKE Development without demanding too much money.

Yes, in the characters metadata you can find two variations for rarity. The range, which indicates a value between 0 to 1, with 1 being the most common and 0 the rarest, and the card type, which are cards type seen in the nft image itself, for now, these attributes are only available to measure rarity among collectors, in the future, card type and range can become cosmetic variations of VFX within the character in the game.

Sure, why not? For now you can use your Ada Handle as your nickname!
For new NFTs we need the project owner to contact us and find a way to bring that partnership, once we make it you’re able to load your partner NFTs inside the game. If you’re a project owner, reach out on discord and let’s talk.

We want to bring mixed content to the playground, so we’re maximizing efforts to make functions we can use later in our FPS game and fun ways to enjoy the island. You can fly an airplane, speed up cars and enjoy our platformer levels. New features are always been developed.

We intend to further develop our community and introduce the project to the public first, for now, we do not have an official release date, if you have an Alpha Pass you’re good to join our playground until we launch.

Even with those market conditions, BITKE doesn’t AIM to raise millions of funds. We want to keep full-time game-dev and build up a nice and fun game. Our mint price will be below 100 ADA with 2000 supply, next characters and skin drops will happen to maintain our paycheck/costs funds and they will be all low supply too

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bitke community

Do you want to get a Alpha Pass and interact with more players? Join our Discord, follow us on Twitter, and get involved in our community, your engagement can help us a lot!

BITKE is a 5×5 tactical Paintball FPS for all ages, with markers, NFT characters and skins on the Cardano network, it’s a game to have fun and compete with friends and teams.


Open a ticket at our Discord or hit up our Twitter DMs

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