Paintball 5v5 CNFT Game



BITKE is an FPS Paintball based shooter where you can play against friends and other members of the community. To play, you need to have access to a character. For now, characters are periodically released in new drops and introduced to our game. You will be able play in our alpha by participating in the early minting of our CNFTS.

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Customizing their look, characters and markers have unique skins that can be changed within the game.  Compete with your team against other players. Each of these CNFTS will be limited to specific quantities, creating a collection of characters and skins with different rarities to be traded or hoarded.

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Alpha Launch

Early minting with a ready-to-play skill game mode “Bitke Jumper” show that we are building a real game. If you support us and our project: You will be able to use your minted character and share your score with our community. Through this game, you will be able to test and participate in the early access launch of BITKE. As a thank you for your support, you will receive the position of Alpha Tester on Discord and priority in the next mintings.


Get to the top of Bitke! Share your score and time to get to the top. Before we release a full paintball game type, early Bitke players can earn rewards for playing “Bitke Jumper”.


Participating in the Alpha will give you early access to future drops, the chance to obtain limited collection characters, and assist in funding our project. If we can reach our funding goals, we can ensure more of our team can work systems on the development of Bitke

Technology Proof

Unlike other NFT games, “Bitke Jumper” is a way to showcase what we have currently built.
Bitke uses cardano wallets to integrate CNFTS with account registration and in-game inventory without the need for continuous updates from the Cardano blockchain. We will be improving and developing on what we already have and learned.

Experienced team

We are an experienced team of 5 that consists of front end, backend, and game developers. We have been developing integrated technology with Cardano and testing it in games since 2021. For our 2nd released CNFT project, we want to develop a low poly 3D competitive game that can add value for those who want to have fun, trade and collect.



Creating a user will give you access to the account dashboard, your email used on registration will be useful to recover your password and optional to receive future news.

Sign your Wallet

After creating an account, log in, and in the wallets section link yours using a Cardano wallet indicated, with this sync we will be able to read our cnfts and give you access to the game.


You are ready to play Alpha! Download our dApp and connect using the account you created and linked the wallet, enjoy playing Bitke Jumper!


What is BITKE?

BITKE is a project with an alpha release based on a jumping game, the original game is a 5×5 fps that uses the common conditions of the sport in speedball mode.

I need to download the game?

Yes, BITKE is an installable game and to play you need to download and install the game.

The game is pay to play?

To play bitke you need one of the characters from our collections, they are the ones that give you access to our game, both paintball and jumper. To play you can mint your favorite character in the secondary market or participate in project character reveals.

What are the benefits of playing?

The main objective of BITKE is to be a fun way to collect and use NFTs, play and compete with friends, we intend to create new types of rewards for players as new releases are made, you can win prizes in ADA and CNFTs depending on your achievements inside the game.

How supply works?

Each character has a unique supply, for launch, only 3000 CNFTS of each character will be released.

Are there rarity on characters?

Yes, in the characters metadata you can find two variations for rarity. The range, which indicates a value between 0 to 1, with 1 being the most common and 0 the rarest, and the stars, which are stars seen in the nft image itself, for now, these attributes are only available to measure rarity among collectors, in the future, stars and range can become cosmetic variations of the character within the game.

When Launch?

We intend to further develop our community and introduce the project to the public first, for now we do not have an official release date.

Managing Your Account

How do I manage my account?

To access your account you need to go to or click on the button at the top of the page, after going to the link, log in to see your information.

How secure is the account area?

Completely secure, in addition to the security of the data in multiple steps on our servers, the placement of your wallet is only for reading the address.

How do I cancel my account?

You can directly request support by opening a ticket on our discord server, login, password, email, and wallets will be deleted from our servers and you will lose your progress. Soon we will have an option for you to delete your account autonomously. To request verification before deleting your account we will ask you to transfer a random dust fee to ensure the account is yours.

How do I change my wallet/password?

You can change your password and unlink your wallet directly from the dashboard, if you need help, open a support ticket on our discord.

Double wallets can be registered?

No! To ensure that multiple accounts are not created using the same wallet, or, with a third party wallet, you can only sign the wallet address ONCE. To use it on another account, you will need to remove the account from your panel, if you no longer have access to the account/email you created, request a support ticket on our discord.